Re: Be respectful and considerate. A complaint.

On Di, 03.07.2012 00:20, John Stowers wrote:

>> And here is the same feature, but at the window manager level (and for all
>> the other apps too):
>> Same thing, just on a different level and now desktop-wide.
>Not quite.
>With split planes
>select complex combination of files with ctrl -> right click -> move
>to other pane. Unless this feature appears nautilus wide (right click
>-> move to <list of open nautilus window locations>) this represents a
>usability loss for me.

Exactly. Split-view is NOT a workaround for window manager limitations.
If it was, I would have proposed a patch to the window manager, not to

Split-view introduces the concept of "source and target". The two panes
are inherently connected, and are not two random unrelated windows
displayed side-by-side.

This introduces the possibility to have single menu items for copy/move
operations, as you mention. Or, in combination with the recently
removed but fortunately re-accepted can-change-accel functionality,
single button press file moves.

Another feature is that the relation between the panes can also be
used within Nautilus Scripts. I have a trivial single-key-press diff
script which just "diffs the right thing" according to the
current selection (be it two files in a common directory, two files in
two distinct directories, or two locations). It helps me to work. A lot.


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