Re: Be respectful and considerate. A complaint.

On 07/02/2012 10:34 PM, Holger Berndt wrote:
I was baffled to see the extra pane feature from Nautilus
silently removed.

The story of this feature has a lot to do with communication and
respect, and sadly enough, this mail is an addendum to other recent
and not-so-recent topics on this list - so it fits better here than on
Nautilus' ML.
(I did read your entire e-mail and agree that a heads up on big ui changes are a good thing, but I just wanted to add an angle on the things-are-going-away-and-this-is-the-apocalypse-discussion)

For reference, here is the extra pane functionality in Nautilus:

And here is the same feature, but at the window manager level (and for all the other apps too):

Same thing, just on a different level and now desktop-wide.

I wanted to talk about this on Nautilus-list really, and all respect to the former and current Nautilus maintainers, but that app have become really, really weird in the last couple of releases with a lot of odd bugs surrounding the many different view modes and especially the combination of them. I'm happy someone have started looking into untangling that.
- Andreas

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