Re: taking features away (compact view removed from Nautilus)

On So, 01.07.2012 16:11, Andreas Nilsson wrote:

>> I'd like to end on a constructive note.  I propose that GNOME adopt 
>> the following policy.  No major feature will be removed from a core 
>> GNOME application before a discussion has occurred on a public mailing 
>> list such as this one

>You probably want nautilus-list for nautilus specific discussions.

His proposal was a desktop-wide policy on feature removals, taking a
recent change in Nautilus as an example. As such, it's not

I've also been unpleasantly surprised by this and other removals. I
liked Colin's mail about regressions due to systemd/gnome-settings-daemon
back in January [1], and the general idea that regressions should be
avoided and only put into place if they really warrant a sufficiently
large step forward.



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