Re: [gnome-settings-daemon] datetime: Remove datetime D-Bus mechanism

Le 20/01/2012 23:08, Lennart Poettering a écrit :
You know, your complaining would be a bit more believable if Google
wouldn't find this for us:

So, the problem set has been known for a while, a number of Canonical
desktop team members have been subscribed to that page, the
documentation for the interfaces is all available, some code has already
been written by Canonical. So I really don't see what went wrong here,
except maybe that Canonical's internal communication didn't work out so

Why do you guys insist in making that a Canonical,Ubuntu issue?
I've replied previously that it's not an issue for us and I will tell it again: the change is not really a surprise and not an issue for Ubuntu since we are staying on GNOME 3.2 this cycle and we will have solutions in place before we upgrade next cycle.

That said I wrote the emails on that list as a GNOME contributor (would it help to not focus on Ubuntu if I was written using my debian email rather than the Ubuntu one?) because I think GNOME as a project could do better.

This example might also not be problematic but who knows about other changes that will happen in the next years, it would still help if GNOME was settling on an improved communication for the platform requirements.

Sebastien Bacher

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