Re: [gnome-settings-daemon] datetime: Remove datetime D-Bus mechanism

On Fri, 20.01.12 15:25, Bastien Nocera (hadess hadess net) wrote:

> > Then we need to clearly communicate what we expect distributors to
> > provide. What systemd interfaces are we allowed to depend on without
> > asking?
> The systemd interfaces that don't rely on systemd being the init system.
> In this case, hostnamed, localed and timedated.
> I'm sure we'll get to have discussions again when ConsoleKit goes away.
> For now, the multi-seat support code in systemd is a compile-time option
> for gnome-control-center, and soon for gnome-settings-daemon.

gdm's coming multi-seat support is a compile and runtime option.


Lennart Poettering - Red Hat, Inc.

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