Gnome shell is really awesome

I hear that you are adding Gnome 2 features, and I have sat and thought and pondered this for a long time.

All Gnome 3 shell really needs is to be gone with global menu, add an application bar at the bottom, and add minimize. At the top add the same Gnome 2 bar way of launching applications. I don't hate Gnome shell, and you could move Activities to a new area on the screen such as the bottom right corner, or hell do it as hot corners and allow the user to choose which hot corner to use for it. Don't completely kill Gnome shell, or the way it handles multiple desktops, that part is perfect. It is also nice to note that this UI actually works rather well with touch screens, so hot corners would be awesome. Best of both worlds! Nobody likes global menus, and I especially hate them on multiple displays while working with a ton of applications. Also It would be nice to hit a hot key on my keyboard like the super key to bring up 'Activities'. You guys are great and thank you for the awesome software.

Oh and for the sake of art work, put a white foot next to the Applications label on the menu to offset from the black and make the text labels white too. That would be slick, have the menus pop up like Gnome 3 style... I can picture it now and it would be gorgeous. If you want some mock up art, I will actually work on something in Gimp later today. Nothing over the top, keeping with the simplistic look and feel of Gnome, without being too flashy. Keeping the work that you have/want to put into it to a bare minimum.

Again thank you all for this amazing software, and I know others "demand" it, but most of you work on this for free, and I wanted to let you all know that I do not forget this when using it, and that I appreciate the ever expanding and improvements you all make. Even with the regressions of Gnome 3 shell, it is still awesome.

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