I am using jhbuild and trying to compile anjuta (with anjuta-extras) to test a patch that was applied recently on anjuta-extras.

When I run jhbuild build, then I get a huge list of missing system dependencies:

jhbuild build
W: network-manager-applet has a dependency on unknown "mobile-broadband-provider-info" module
W: epiphany has a dependency on unknown "libwnck3" module
Required packages:
  System installed packages which are too old:
  No matching system package installed:
    wireless-tools (required=25)
    alsa (alsa.pc, required=1.0.19)
    gl (gl.pc)
    cairomm (cairomm-1.0.pc, required=1.8.4)
    gmime (gmime-2.6.pc, required=2.6.6)
    exiv2 (exiv2.pc, required=0)
    soundtouch (soundtouch-1.4.pc, required=0)
    taglib (taglib.pc, required=1.5)
    wavpack (wavpack.pc, required=4.2)
    libusb1 (libusb-1.0.pc)
    libatasmart (libatasmart.pc, required=0.17)
    libv4l (libv4l2.pc)
    xcb-dri2 (xcb-dri2.pc, required=1.8.1)
    libvpx (vpx.pc)
    libzeitgeist (zeitgeist-1.0.pc, required=0.3.18)
    libarchive (libarchive.pc, required=2.8.0)
    libicu (icu-i18n.pc, required=4)
jhbuild build: Required system dependencies not installed. Install using the command 'jhbuild sysdeps --install' or to ignore system dependencies use command-line option --nodeps

I have already ran sanitycheck and bootstrap successfully? My OS is Ubuntu 12.10.

Best Regards
and Merry Christmas

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