Re: Testing ostree

On Sun, 2012-04-29 at 18:56 +0200, Giovanni Campagna wrote:
> Hello fellow developers,
> I've recently tried ostree, the new project to build parallel
> operating systems in subfolders. 

I appreciate the interest!  But it's not yet at a state where I myself
find it to be better (overall) than your traditional choices of jhbuild,
"sudo make install", or mashing git repositories into debs/rpms.  I'll
let interested parties know when I think it's reached that state, or
is "close enough".

> I must say I like the idea, but I
> found a few problems with the current implementation, like missing
> packages or incompatibilities between the host system and the ostree.

What packages and incompatibilities?

> Since I'd really like to use it and replace jhbuild, is there a
> central place to coordinate development on ostree (in particular, on
> the gnome os part)? A mailing list would be the best.

I'll request one.

> Also, where is defined what goes on and when is it
> updated? Are there plans to add 3.6 branches?

I'm personally working on a developer workflow, since it's a blocker
for people contributing and using the system.  See

Once I have something reasonably sane here, I'll look at turning
on 3.6 builds.

> And finally, a curiosity: what do downstreams say of ostree (if they
> are aware of it)? Did someone consider building a traditional distro
> on top of ostree, or is it something for developers / testers only?

My primary goal for the next 6 months say is to simply have it as an
option (alongside jhbuild) during the development process, in other
words, from their view, nothing changes, except hopefully the tarballs
uploaded are better tested, and some things become better defined, like
"what version of GCC and is GNOME tested with?".  Or at least,
a concrete version they're tested with, in addition to current
distribution releases.

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