Re: Module Proposal: Zeitgeist

In the end your history is scattered all over the place :P

The logs are there and there is not common way to manage them. Having
a central log like Zeitgeist will allow you to develop policies and
blacklist for logging. Having history at a central location and having
a central tool to disable logging completely or partially should be
considered as an improvement of the user security.

The problem I see here is that it only improves the situation if it is truly universal - if a central privacy control offers an option to "remove my recent activity from the last 2 hours", it'd better clear my firefox/chromium cookies as well(*). Otherwise users will either have to know about implementation details, or will end up with a false sense of control.

Also - if I want to hide my recent "activity" on, should that really affect funnycat1.png in recent files or my chat history with @fiancé? I am not saying that a central tool is bad per se, just that a feature like that should be designed *before* pushing a technology that implies a certain design.


(*) Maybe Canonical's downstream panel does that, I don't know - they are in a much stronger position here than we are upstream

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