Re: Applying for lockdown editor writing in GSoC

sön 2012-04-01 klockan 23:46 +0300 skrev Rūdolfs Mazurs:

> 7) Polish the lock-down editor (i18n, basic documentation and such)

Basic documentation isn't polish, it is something which is required and
which also helps you for a number of reason.

Usage documentation has multiple 'raison d'etre':

It tells you as a developer : 
    is this sane ?
    can people understand how to use this ?
    can my replacement understand how the application should behave ?
    It gives app developers an idea of what the functionality which is
necessary to support look-down should look like
    It gives you an better understanding of the subject.

My suggestion:
  do the mockups and (early) usage instructions together because the
docs is also an mockup.
  work from the documentation while you implement the program.

New functionality in the program ?
 Document first (maybe a scratch)
 Is the documentation good ?
   if not , which is broken ? the docs or the program ?

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