Toolbar text size in "both" mode.

Hello, I used "both" mode for toolbar, with icons and text below.
With gtk-2.0 I used the following in ~/.gtkrc-2.0:

style "smaller-text" {
font_name = "8"

widget_class "*ToolButton*" style "smaller-text"
widget_class "*StatusBar*" style "smaller-text"
widget_class "*ToolMenuButton*" style "smaller-text"

See the attachments how gtk2 toolbar looks and how does gtk3.

How can I replicate this behavior in gtk 3?

PS Don't get this personally pls, but gnome shell ruined my workflow and didn't provide any decent alternative instead. I used gnome desktop, so I forced to stick with ubuntu 11.04 to get my job done with low additional efforts. And while writing this I discovered they got rid of very clear and predictable screenshot dialog but put them into ~/Pictures instead. I don't know what was the reason of such a decision, but it's another step backward, although I see no step forwards in recent gnome decisions others than bugfixes. IMO Usability = predictability and ease of adaptability. They better expand screenshot app with crop and highlight tools instead -- that will be really step up since it will cover very typical workflow. But, nevermind, I'm not the first and the last who was screwed up by gnome shell and these poorly minded decisions :)

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