GNOME 3.2 Blocker Report for week 37

Data taken from Bugzilla (bug reports with GNOME Target field set):

Total number: 19 bugs. 

Comments (e.g. important issues that are missing in this list), status
updates in the reports, and help (patches or reviews) very welcome!

Note that Hardcode Freeze starts on Monday, September 19th.

brasero: Support tracker 0.11/0.12

gnome-contacts: Contacts user experience

gnome-control-center: Doesn't detect lack of wacom tablet

gnome-control-center: Network: custom connections don't show up in the list

gnome-control-center: Add support for missing timezones

gnome-control-center: need preferences for on-screen keyboard

gnome-menus: Tools to perform system administration should be available in the menus somehow

gnome-online-accounts: g-o-a credential window seems to doesn't inherit from proxy settings

gnome-settings-daemon: Suspend when inactive doesn't work

gnome-shell: Cramped panel in portrait mode

gnome-shell: fingerprint support

gnome-shell: Should tell user he won't get more notifications when switching status to Busy

gnome-shell: on screen keyboard support

gnome-shell: should add some way to power off the machine while logged out

gnome-shell: Login dialog keeps growing when pressing up/down arrows

gnome-shell: keyboard layout viewer shows up at login screen

gtk+: Add/remove bookmark buttons are double height in file chooser

mutter: make windows resizable by window-border-drag when in half-fullscreen-snap-mode

mutter: screensaver is generally broken

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