Re: Question on the org.gnome.panel(.applet) prefix in applet plumbing

On Thu, Sep 01, 2011 at 03:48:42PM +0100, Marcin Owsiany wrote:
> [posting here, since gnome-utils-list seems inactive]
> Hello,
> I'm porting my little "command runner" Python applet
> ( to GTK+3 and
> libpanel-applet-4 with D-Bus activation.
> I've read and had
> a look at a similar migration for invest-applet and netspeed applet as
> examples.
> I seem to have succeeded, but I'm wondering about the org.gnome.panel
> and org.gnome.panel.applet prefixes which often appear in the:
> - *.panel-applet file name
> - *.service file name
> - "Name" field of the *.service file
> My applet is not a part of the GNOME proper code base, so I don't know
> whether I should be using the org.gnome. prefix. Also, in some cases
> (like the IDs within the *.panel-applet files) the applet/factory type
> names are unqualified, but in other places (like the content of the
> *.service file) - they are. See e.g.
> What are the rules here? Can someone explain or point to some
> documentation? The only clue I've found so far is that the name of the
> *.service file is arbitrary. Is that the case also for the
> *.panel-applet file? What about the "Name" field in the *.service file?
> In case the org.gnome.panel prefix is not mandatory, should I use
> something else (e.g. my private domain name)?

Since noone bothered to answer, here's what I've found out, for the
benefit of future generations. The following works:

$ cat CommandRunnerApplet.panel-applet 
[Applet Factory]
Name=Command Runner
Description=Factory for creating the command runner applet.

Name=Command Runner
Description=Periodically runs a command and displays its output.

$ cat CommandRunnerAppletFactory.service 
[D-BUS Service]

However the following DOES NOT work:

$ cat CommandRunnerAppletFactory.service 
[D-BUS Service]

So you do need the prefix in the Name field of the .service file, but not
anywhere else.

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