Re: Proposed Freeze Change

On Mon, Oct 10, 2011 at 07:29:47PM +0200, Claude Paroz wrote:
> Le lundi 10 octobre 2011 à 18:17 +0200, Andre Klapper a écrit :
> (...)
> > 
> > Consequently the same question goes for "String Change Announcement
> > Period" - CC'ing gnome-i18n as I'm wondering if translators still
> > consider the "String Change Announcement Period" useful.
> I'm all in favour of dropping it, for the following reasons:
> 1. I doubt it is really useful for translators
> 2. I think only a minority really announce new strings
> 3. It would be easy to do something automatic from if
> needed

That is not the purpose of the string change announcement period. It is
to slow down the rate of string changes as manual work is needed. It
should *not* be automated, the manual bit is on purpose.

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