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Zeeshan Ali (Khattak) wrote:
> On Wed, Oct 5, 2011 at 11:17 PM, Matthias Clasen
> <matthias clasen gmail com> wrote:
>> Where are your ideas ? It would be great to get them onto that wiki
>> page, in particular since next weekend a bunch of us will get together
>> in Montreal to, among other things, spend time to talk about 3.4
>> features.
>   Was wondering if we could take-up this forgotten feature planned for
> 3.1:
>   AFAIK, the issue was that designers were way too busy with more
> important features in 3.1 so they didn't get any time for this one.
> Lapo has started to investigate this it seems and last I asked
> Bastien, he was also interested(?) in getting this done in 3.3 cycle.

I would love to see Tracker getting involved with this feature as well.

An application like Rygel relies on Tracker sharing/serving the media files
indexed by Tracker (ignoring the MediaExport plugin for convenience). There
is, however, no (GUI) way to limit what is actually shared. When you want to
share files indexed by Tracker through Rygel then all indexed files are
This means that one gets to see loads of media on e.g. a TV, also including
files one would never want to view it here. E.g. video's from work related
project folders, images downloaded or created for development purposes, etc.

The sharing feature would be perfect to fill this gap.

What can be selected to be shared through the sharing feature should not, or
does not have to be, limited to what Tracker actually indexed though. This
can remain system-wide folder based as currently suggested. There is,
however, the matter of sharing something which is not being indexed by
Tracker in the currently planned file availability approach. Tracker does
not index a complete system by default. In an ideal world this would/should
be the case, but what should be done until that time if something is shared
which is not indexed by Tracker?

I would like to suggest the following:
- An application requiring metadata from Tracker (e.g. Rygel or Banshee for
that matter) should register itself as such.
- The application should also make known if it accepts specified shares not
indexed by Tracker.
- A check should be performed by the "Privacy and Sharing" dialogue if
something is shared through that dialogue for an metadata-dependant
- All is fine if all shared files are already indexed
- A dialogue will be presented to the user when something is shared which is
not indexed, asking if the user wants to add the files/folders in question
to Tracker's indexing scope, modifying Tracker's config.
- If the user refuses than the action taken depends on the application and
if it accepts unindexed shares. If yes, set the shares anyway. If no, do not
set those shares and tell the user why.
- A boolean property is set in Tracker for those files/folders indexed and
to be shared. In case of Rygel this would be the "nmm:uPnPShared" property.
- It's up to the metadata-dependant application to provide a fall-back which
could automatically kick in when it comes across unindexed shared
files/folders of which it needs metadata.

Besides the matter above there's also the matter of excluding specific
folders. In addition to being able to specify which folders should be shared
recursively, it would also be great to exclude specific folders within those
recursively shared ones.


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