Re: GNOME Online Accounts extensibility

On Fri, Oct 7, 2011 at 9:05 AM, Ted Gould <ted gould cx> wrote:

> IMHO, the problem with GOA is its lack of extensibility.  So adding
> something like a corporate account type is difficult if not impossible.
> For instance, if was foo corp, and we had internal mail, jabber and
> services -- I'd like to provide one way to provide this
> configuration and have one place for users to set up their accounts.

Care to elaborate ? Why would it be difficult or impossible ?
Extensibility was very much on the agenda when GOA was designed.

But GOA is not a 'generic account setup' dialog to allow all the
worlds apps to drop their own account setup dialogs. If that is what
you are looking for, you will be disappointed. It is the central place
to set up accounts that are integrated in GNOME apps. If third-party
apps can use the same account information, that is great. But we don't
want to crowd the provider list with providers that are not integrated
at least in some GNOME apps.
And we don't want to add switches for services that are not covered by
GNOME apps.

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