Re: GNOME Online Accounts extensibility


On Thu, Oct 6, 2011 at 2:30 PM, Ken VanDine <kvandine gnome org> wrote:
> Sorry, not trying to sound harsh here but I couldn't find a better way
> to say this.
> Basically you are saying that GOA isn't really an open technology to
> help consolidate user's online accounts, it is only to help consolidate
> accounts for blessed GNOME apps?  This doesn't really help users in the
> big picture, but I guess the design team makes those decisions.
> Does this mean third party developers shouldn't try to leverage GNOME as
> a platform anymore?  Maybe that is a topic for another thread, as much
> as I love GNOME, it is becoming harder and harder to develop for.  I
> miss the days when GNOME was a platform, I hope there is a way we can
> change that and turn it into a platform again!

I think your mail is actually pretty offensive and also
misrepresenting GNOME. I will not reply to it.


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