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2011/10/6 Martyn Russell <martyn lanedo com>
- The "Switch User" and "Log Out" ... menu options seem quite pointless if I am the only user on my machine.

- The "Suspend" menu option makes no sense here when I want to shut the thing down (on laptops), I guess this has been discussed to death so I don't want to start some flame war about this here. I guess it depends how you use the menu, I usually use this menu to restart/shutdown and close my laptop lid for suspend. To me, the option is never right.


- I really dislike the way that connection changes are stacked and shown as notifications permanently at the bottom of the screen. This is especially pointless if you are re-connected to the disconnected network you have a notification for.

+1 for this one.

In general I don't like how the notification stack/tray works, I do like the design principle behind the idea but the execution needs work. For example, everytime I try to hit an icon the icon keeps moving away from my cursor unless I'm careful. Plus the text next to it is usually not that helpful. We should find a human readable name rather than the underscore process.
- The "Applications" tab is quite bad IMO and the worse part of the shell. It lists all applications and it's never useful to me. Ideally, the list of applications would be obtained from Tracker :) - not sure how it's done now but it seems slow to load (takes a second or two) and perhaps could be cached to improve things there. I would like to see:
 - Better categorisation of them too.
 - I don't want to see 2 browsers, 3 email clients, avahi server
   browsers, archive manager, etc. I want to see a list of
   applications which are useful, like my preferred clients.
 - I want to see real titles, like "Text Editor", not "gedit".
 - I don't want to see applications like "xdiagnose" with no icon.

Alberto Ruiz

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