Splitting gcr/gck libraries out of gnome-keyring

The Gcr library has crypto widgets, parser and a viewer. Gck is a
PKCS#11 GObject wrapper.

These libraries used to be in the gnome-keyring module, but (as I
alluded to during the last development cycle) I've split them out into
their own module called: gcr



I haven't merged split yet, so if anyone wants to take a look and make
sure it's all sane, please go ahead. At this point I can still make
changes. I'll merge this and make jhbuild changes in a couple days.

The history in the new gcr module is there, but is unbuildable past the
point of split. The new gcr module depends on:

p11-kit >= 0.6
asn1Parser (build dep)
gtk+ >= 3.0
glib+ >= 2.28.0
libgcrypt >= 1.2.2

gnome-keyring no longer has a run time dependency on p11-kit.



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