Re: Boxes (was Re: 3.4 Features, final round)

On 2011-11-08 08:57, Frederic Peters <fpeters gnome org> wrote:
Zeeshan Ali (Khattak) wrote:

On Mon, Nov 7, 2011 at 9:00 AM, Vincent Untz <vuntz gnome org> wrote:
> Le dimanche 06 novembre 2011, à 17:06 +0100, Frederic Peters a écrit :
>> + Boxes
>>   → many commits, mclasen will push the developers to blog a progress report
>>     once they have something to show
> While Boxes look interesting, to me, it feels like it's "just" an
> application, and not a feature per se. And I'm not saying that in a
> negative way :-)

  You are correct in the sense that it is 'an' application and not 'a'
feature. It is more like 2 essential features combined in one:

1. Remote display: It is very common to own/having to deal with
multiple machines these days so many users really need ability to
easily connect to remote machines (virtual and real).

Talking about connecting to remote machines, how will Boxes coexist
with Vinagre? Do you expect its features to be available via Boxes by
3.4 time, or should both of them coexist for a while?

David, what's your take on this?

It looks like Boxes will be able to do everything that Vinagre can currently do, and more, by the time that 3.4 is released. If that is the case, I do not see a reason for Vinagre to coexist. Of course, Vinagre works right now, and if Boxes is not ready, it will still work, so it seems a good fallback for distributions.

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