Re: no external panels for gnome-control-center [was Re: GNOME Feature Proposal: Backup]

On Thu, 2011-05-12 at 16:21 +0200, Milan Bouchet-Valat wrote:
> Le jeudi 12 mai 2011 à 13:48 +0200, Gendre Sebastien a écrit :
> > System-config-* are not only one: Lirc settings? Boot (Grub+Plymouth)
> > settings, etc.
> > Recently, I read in Phoronix that AMD want to add the support of all
> > these future CPU to the Free (as Freedom) bios/EFI nammed Coreboot. Some
> > settings of this bios/EFI can be set from the operating system. So, we
> > can have a panel for some basic settings in system settings. But only if
> > we have this bios/EFI. How can we do that if we can't do a 3rd-party
> > panel?
> > 
> > With 3rd-party panel don't possible we are sure to broke these futures
> > works, only for block some hypothetical problem. I don't think it's a
> > good Compromise.
> I guess in the designer's mind, the two tools you cite are too advanced
> to be part of the control center. No normal user is going to need to
> tweak the BIOS settings, and actually I think that's exactly the kind of
> panel we want to block out of the control center.

The only settings we might want to change would be what to boot on,
which would be part of a way to select the default OS to boot. This was
discussed when we removed the "restart" menu item, as most of the time,
you'll want to restart the computer in another OS, or to update your

> For system-config-printer, it might not be as clear a choice, but
> probably if important features are missing, they should be added to the
> Printing panel. And if they're not really needed for most people, it's
> OK for admins or geeks to use a separate tool. (Same for firewall.)


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