Re: Help Wanted Installing jhbuild on LFS 6.8

Tshepang Lekhonkhobe wrote:

I would use that package manager of yours to remove jhbuild from the
system (uninstall_package jhbuild), and the re-run the conf>make>install
commands. This is just a guess, and me hopes someone who understands
this technology (can one specify sysconfdir to /etc?) will chime in.
Either that or giving jhbuild user write access to /usr/etc, and be done
with it.

I did so after your last message, and bootstrap ran (raises more questions), but I do prefer to use /etc for config files.

It was explained that jhbuild is intended to be used as chroot (the reason prefix/etc is created). Am I building an interim environment? Do I use an interim location and then 'make dist'?

How is one supposed to install Gnome 3? The web page ( indicates to use jhbuild.

I have found no instructions that detail installation. Perhaps I have not looked in the right place.

Still open for suggestions.

Thanks, Brian.

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