Re: Online Accounts panel for 3.2


On Mon, May 2, 2011 at 11:28 AM, Matthew Barnes <mbarnes redhat com> wrote:
> I'm also wondering if we should somehow lock down GOA-based accounts in
> Evolution to prevent the user from deleting it through Evolution or
> changing certain essential details like the host name.  I guess that's
> for us to figure out.  Is Empathy planning to do something similar?

Yup. Note that GOA has a well-defined format (I need to add this
information to some man page soon) for defining accounts - basically
key-value files in


with goa-daemon(8) listening for changes as well.

The way I think it should work is that you can only modify/delete
accounts defined in in the latter file - the intent is that the
accounts.conf.d directories are for system administrators only. We do
need an Account:CanModify property that e.g. the control-center should
use to make the "Delete" button insensitive. Do you think this would
work with Evo too?


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