ANNOUNCE: Change of the Clutter authoritative Git repository

hi all;

as you might have been aware, for the past couple of weeks the Git
repositories at have had issues with the anongit
protocol (git:// URIs) support. we've had some help from the MeeGo
infrastructure team, but they advised moving the repositories to
another hosting for various reasons (resources and unresolved hw and
sw issues at the top).

I want to personally apologize for the issues this service outage has
caused to all Clutter users. we've been having these issues for the best
part of these three months, and I'd like to personally thank the OTC
infrastructure team for their help.

even though since the beginning Clutter has been catering for different
platforms, we always considered ourselves to be a part of the GNOME
project: the technologies we use, and the contributions we receive are a
proof of that. on top of that, as soon as we started having issues, the
GNOME infrastructure team graciously offered their help and support.

for these reasons, we decided to move the Git repositories and the
Bugzilla products over to the infrastructure.

the authoritative repository for the Core Clutter API becomes, as of
today the URIs change to:

  read-only:    git://
  read-write:   ssh://USERNAME git gnome org/git/clutter

if you have a clone of the repository, you can point it to the new URI
simply by doing:

  # read-only
  git remote set-url origin git://

  # read-write:
  git remote set-url origin ssh://USERNAME git gnome org/git/clutter

the Bugzilla migration is in progress; we're moving all the bugs filed
on, and it will take some time. I'll do another
announcement as soon as the products are available, and I'll close once that happens.

while this obviously holds for Clutter Core, we are hosting other
modules on; we've already started migrating some of
them to and other hosting services. the authoritative
repositories are listed on the wiki:

the wiki page will be updated during the migration, and it will be the
authoritative source for the repositories.

again, I'd like to apologize for the issues, and would like to thank the
OTC team for their support over the past couple of years, and the GNOME
infrastructure team for the assistance.

now, hopefully, you'll be able to resume having fun with Clutter. :-)


Emmanuele Bassi,
Intel Open Source Technology Center

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