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sounds great!

i guess should be
updated too. is there a wiki page explaining the new ftpadmin script?


On Sat, 2011-03-26 at 19:15 +0100, Olav Vitters wrote:
> Read this if you make use of install-module on
> I've made 2 changes:
> 1. Switched machines
>    SSH will complain about this. Just edit ~/.ssh/known_hosts to make
>    these warnings go away. The new SSH key fingerprints are:
>    RSA: 00:b6:71:1a:a6:c8:43:30:6c:08:9d:8e:01:43:24:ef
>    DSA: 8b:c6:f7:7b:cb:ff:77:6a:7b:33:d7:27:e7:0a:f3:85
> 2. New script to install tarballs
>    Usage:
>      ftpadmin install TARBALL [TARBALL ...]
>    Please add a description (not just shortdesc) to your DOAP file!
>    See:
> Regarding the new 'ftpadmin' script:
> - It does all kinds of consistency checks on the tarball
>   e.g. everything in one directory, no extra data in the tarball
>   (gtk+-2.12.6.tar.bz2 is twice as big as it should be), etc
> - NEWS/ChangeLog diffs against the previous version will work even if
>   the it is 2.91.93 vs 3.0.0
> - It uses information from the DOAP file
>   See
>   Due to this, you could theoretically use different names for everything:
>     git module: foo
>     tarball: bar
>     bugzilla product: baz
>   Please do not do this though!
>   Tarball names are determined from:
>     <download-page rdf:resource=""; />
>   (MUST be!)
>   Bugzilla products are determined from:
>      <bug-database rdf:resource=""; />
>   (MUST have product=something)
> - Announcement mails are a bit nicer
>   If you have a <description> in your DOAP, it is used. Falls back to
>   shortdesc. It'll also use the name (so in the mail it'll use 'GNOME
>   Shell instead of 'gnome-shell')
> - Announcement mails are bcc'ed to the maintainers
>   So make sure the maintainer info is up to date
> - Supports tar.xz  (ONLY uploads tar.bz2 and tar.gz)
>   ==> won't put tar.xz on!
>   Limited upload bandwidth? Just generate a tar.xz and upload that.
>   It'll be converted to tar.bz2 and tar.gz. It will NOT put a tar.xz on
> A switch to tar.xz is planned, but at this time only
>   tar.bz2 and tar.gz are uploaded!
> - In case of multiple tarballs on the command line, sorts the tarballs
>   correctly on version number and installs them in the right order.
>   This is important when you're switching from one place to
> for your tarballs.
> - Contains releng release_set_scripts as well
> If anything breaks or you have an enhancement request, file a bug at:
> PS: Currently the drawable databases are running on the same machine. So
> it can be slow at times.
> PS2: If anything breaks, please file a bug and I'll look at it and I'll
> also install your tarball. That said, you can still ssh to
> '' and use the old 'install-module' script.
> PS3: New script lives in the sysadmin-bin module.
> PS4: More changes are planned. See
> -- 
> Regards,
> Olav

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