Re: empathy integration with the desktop

On Tue, Mar 29, 2011 at 11:01 AM, Johannes Schmid <jhs jsschmid de> wrote:
> Hi!
> > In order to go online and have the integrated stuff work in the
> > background you must first start a weirdly named application ("Empathy")
> > and then close(!) its window (this will not actually quit the app). This
> > causes you to go online and start using the integrated messaging
> > systems.
> I think the application name isn't really the big deal and can easily be
> changed to "Chat" or "Instant Messaging" if we intent that. And I think
> closing the window is not essentially necessary, at least it provides the
> contact list which is (not yet? People tab?) integrated into the shell.

I don't think renaming the application to "Chat" or "Instant
Messaging" solves the problem of having
to launch an "external" application (I use the term external to
indicate that its a "service" that needs to be started
outside of the shell startup) that is supposed to be "integrated" into
the shell. The type integration the shell shows (IMHO) that the
chatting functionality is different from other applications (such as
gedit or nautilus).

> > Another alternative is to add a "offline" entry under available/busy in
> > the user menu and start with that active, then autospawn empathy if
> > needed when you switch to available or busy.
> I think "offline" is a really bad name as it would indicate to a lot of
> people that they don't have internet access when they don't switch it to
> "Online" or "Available". I don't know of a better name but I think having
> "Offline" next to the NetworkManager isn't a bright idea.

Maybe "Hidden"?
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Pierre Benz <Benz Pierre gmail com>

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