Re: empathy integration with the desktop


> In order to go online and have the integrated stuff work in the
> background you must first start a weirdly named application ("Empathy")
> and then close(!) its window (this will not actually quit the app). This
> causes you to go online and start using the integrated messaging
> systems.

I think the application name isn't really the big deal and can easily be
changed to "Chat" or "Instant Messaging" if we intent that. And I think
closing the window is not essentially necessary, at least it provides the
contact list which is (not yet? People tab?) integrated into the shell.

> Another alternative is to add a "offline" entry under available/busy in
> the user menu and start with that active, then autospawn empathy if
> needed when you switch to available or busy.

I think "offline" is a really bad name as it would indicate to a lot of
people that they don't have internet access when they don't switch it to
"Online" or "Available". I don't know of a better name but I think having
"Offline" next to the NetworkManager isn't a bright idea.


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