Re: New

On Sun, Mar 27, 2011 at 07:17:12PM +0200, daniel g. siegel wrote:
> i guess should be
> updated too. is there a wiki page explaining the new ftpadmin script?

I'm planning more changes which will impact the way you'll upload
tarballs and install them (basically: no shell, rsync instead of scp).
But that requires some further thought. So I didn't change the
documentation yet as likely it'll change soon again.

Currently you can just also call 'install-module', so even if you didn't
notice the announcement everything will be ok. On (that
machine used to be master.go) install-module uses the old script. On it'll run: ftpadmin install "$@"

I can describe what the script does somewhere. Only 'install' is
interesting for maintainers. The rest is release-team stuff and more
sysadmin related (ftpadmin validate-tarballs will validate all tarballs
within a module.. going to rename that to validate-module).

There are also some testing things in there (ftpadmin doap will show the
<description> from the doap file).

ftpadmin --help will show you all the options. I've used argparse and
the --help is pretty clear (good usage message and so on).

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