Re: Fix gsettings path to use /org/gnome instead /apps

Il giorno ven, 25/03/2011 alle 09.48 +1100, Robert Ancell ha scritto:
> Two questions:
> 1) Where is it defined what format the path is supposed to be in?

Currently here is not yet a formal page about it, I suppose we should
add the recommendation to use org.$PROJECT or com.$VENDOR in gsettings
page on API reference[1], in getting started guides[2] and maybe here[3]
too. I'll take care of wiki page ASAP, and I'll open relevant bugs for
glib API and gnome-devel-docs.

PS We briefly discussed this change here[4] and on RT meeting on IRC,
plus something on gnomecc-list

> 2) What about migration of settings from the old path to the new path?



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