Re: Jump Lists / Quick Lists / Dash Embellishments in GNOME 3

> Having jumplists in the shell overlay was desired by pretty much
> everybody, though it was not specified whether they would be
> implemented as right-click menus on application icons, or something
> else.
> My takeaway from the session was that we would use a combination of
> static verbs (specified in .desktop) and dynamic actions (specified
> using GApplication actions) to build the "action list" in an
> application's jumplist *and* in the application menu in the top panel
> of the shell.  But after talking to Ryan Lortie later, it seemed that
> he and Owen preferred using GApplication actions only for the
> application menu, and that all actions in the jumplist would be
> specified using the .desktop file.

For my future reference, and for the Google, here is an example of doing
this dynamic GAction + GtkApplication business.


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