GNOME 3.0 Blocker Report for week 09

NB: The release-team met yesterday and reviewed the blocker reports by
splitting them into "must-fix", "should-fix" and "nice-to-have"

Below the Blockers (mustfix) list you will find the list of "Important
issues" (shouldfix) that *should* also get fixed for 3.0, but they will
not block the 3.0 release.

Blockers (mustfix): 17 bugs.
Data taken from Bugzilla (bug reports with GNOME Target field set):

caribou: Make it run on GNOME 3

cheese: Cheese requires clutter-gtk-0.10 but latest is 1.0

cheese: GTK 3 porting

cheese: Make cheese widget work again

gnome-control-center: add and remove printers

gnome-control-center: datetime: Missing artwork

gnome-panel: Minimize differences between 3.0 panel and gnome-shell

gnome-session: avoid being locked into fallback by session saving

gnome-shell: Experimental network manager applet

gnome-shell: font size setting is ignored

gnome-shell: Doesn't suspend when in overview mode

gnome-shell: Chat scrollbar needs to move to the bottom when new messages are received

gnome-themes-standard: Toolbar doesn't follow gtk 3 theme

libgnomekbd: layout indicator issues

metacity: Disable control-alt-d ""show desktop"" shortcut for GNOME 3

metacity: sync window decoration style with mutter

pygobject: Handle functions that take string+len args

Important issues (shouldfix): 26 bugs.
Data taken from Bugzilla (bug reports with "[gnome3-important]" whiteboard entry):;query_format=advanced;status_whiteboard=[gnome3-important];bug_status=UNCONFIRMED;bug_status=NEW;bug_status=ASSIGNED;bug_status=REOPENED;bug_status=NEEDINFO

cheese: Cheese is not able to do live theora encoding

empathy: Don't use a status icon if the notification server supports persistence

epiphany: Revamp download management UI

evince: remove NoDisplay=true

gdm: GNOME foot icon at login is lowres

gnome-control-center: (Re-)Add checkbox for disable touchpad

gnome-control-center: shell resizing issue

gnome-icon-theme: Some icons missing in larger sizes (256x256)

gnome-icon-theme: some rtl variants needed

gnome-keyring: Password prompts don't show up with an app name in GNOME 3

gnome-panel: Port to GSettings

gnome-screensaver: top bar != shell top bar

gnome-session: remove SM crap for 3.0

gnome-session: gnome-session-is-accelerated too slow

gnome-shell: Calendar: UTC/localtime mixup

gtk+: tabs not displayed correctly when they fill the screen

gtk+: [gnome-terminal] When using theme colors,white-on-white text

gtk+: [Tracker] Missing accessor functions

gtk+: No way to programmatically update visual state of a button

libgnomekbd: keyboard layout preview window issues

metacity: Improve keybindings and descriptions

metacity: Migrate to GSettings

mutter: a11y: visual alert only works per-window, not screen

orca: Migrate to GSettings

orca: Make the gconf dependency optional

pygtk: Remove deprecated GTK+ symbols

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