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On 03/02/2011 04:44 AM, Richard Hughes wrote:
On 2 March 2011 11:30, Frederic Crozat<fred crozat net>  wrote:
I'd say let's stick to .bz2 only for now.

Makes sense to me. Fedora certainly uses .bz2 in preference to .gz.

True, but Fedora also prefers .xz over .bz2.

Currently, for Fedora builds, the lifecycle for a tarball in our builds is roughly:

packager uploads tarball to our file server
tarball stays on file server for a really long time (for license compliance)
build server downloads tarball from file server
build server creates source RPM containing tarball
build server uploads source RPM to build repository
compose happens and copies source RPM to ftp
mirrors copy source RPM

There's quite a few places where the extra compression will help (and given the number of GNOME packages in our distribution, even 5% per tarball adds up (though the savings will almost certainly be at least twice that).

I personally would like to see GNOME distributing tarballs in the best compression formats it can. That clearly means dropping .gz, but I think replacing it with .xz would be a pretty nice win for those that can use it (pretty sure other distros currently use it, and it seems more distros plan to move to it). For those that can't, they still have .bz2 for now.

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