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Le mercredi 02 mars 2011, à 11:50 +0100, Olav Vitters a écrit :
>  ==  A. diff/delta files between versions ==

I don't know of anybody using this to update from a tarball to a newer
one. However, I guess some people use this to quickly see what has
changed between the two tarballs. I don't think this use case is covered
by the xdelta3 thing. Maybe it's not a big loss, though?

>  ==  B. What kind of compression should be used for tarballs? ==
> Currently we use 'gz' and 'bzip2'. Last time it was asked (lots of years
> ago), there was a mention that not everyone has 'bzip2'.
> I'd like to:
>  - 'Kill .gz'[3]
>  - Introduce some kind of lzma type compression
>    Pretty every distribution released over the last few years has
>    support for this. Further, has support for this
>    on Windows.
>    Conversion might take a while on, but seems
>    manageable. Not sure if I can easily combine lzma and xdelta3.

Hrm, I wouldn't change past releases. Just leave them the way they are;
it shouldn't hurt.

>  - Ideally only have one compression type on
>    We have enough disk space, but I still don't want to waste it if
>    there is no need. Additionally, minimizing disk usage speeds up
>    backups.

I believe that Debian still uses .gz for the upstream tarball, and at
least in openSUSE, we generally use .bz2 for upstream tarballs (I guess
it's okay to switch to lzma for openSUSE, though). By forcing
downstreams to recompress, we lose the ability to compare the checksums
between upstream and downstream. Not critical, but it was something

Also, there might be tools used by various people that need to be
updated -- not an issue, but this means we'll want to properly announce
the change.

For the rest, I guess it's mostly a matter of habits...


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