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On 2011-03-02 13:46, Javier Jardón <jjardon gnome org> wrote:
On 2 March 2011 11:57, Vincent Untz <vuntz gnome org> wrote:

First step: kindly ask maintainers to use dist-lzma in AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE

I think would be better dist-xz instead, as xz displaced the lzma
format some time ago [1]


This seems like another good reason to push the (proposed) autotools modernisation goal:

at least once someone adds the dist-xz suggestion to that page. ;)

As dist-xz was introduced in Automake 1.11, this would also seem like a good reason to push for requiring that version (or maybe 1.11.1 would be better, as it fixes a security bug in 1.11). Either that, or install-module could do the conversion server-side.

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