Re: RFC : gnome and non-linux oses

> In this particular case, I'm the one who removed the code. To be honest,
> I'm not even sure that changing the keyboard model would have been all
> that useful on any slightly recent Unix-like OSes.
As far as I know, on other OSes it was, because they do not have
evdev. But of course the input from, say, Oracle engineers about
Solaris would be useful here. Or from FreeBSD ppl.

> In this particular case, I think it's a non-problem, and I'd rather
> remove it and get complaints afterwards rather than preach for the
> status quo, knowing full well that the setting will be useless and
> potentially confusing for a majority of users.
As I said before, I am not really defending the status quo in relation
to xkb model - and from some point of view I like it when the code and
UI is simplified. I am asking the people's opinion about the general
strategy in treating non-linux systems. Or, perhaps, "officially"
admitting that we do not have a policy here - just decide on
case-by-case basis.



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