Re: GSettings and profiles implementation

On Fri, 2011-01-28 at 10:04 -0500, Shaun McCance wrote:
> What GSettingsList allows you to do, if I understand correctly,
> is retrieve a list of those paths you created. Yelp doesn't
> need to do this, but I see where Evolution would. (Getting all
> accounts is just getting all paths that conform to some schema
> like org.gnome.evolution.account.)

Evolution's requirements are a bit outside the norm.

What I'm trying to create for Evolution is a framework that unifies all
of our various accounts.  Mail stores, calendars and address books all
have different settings, and the various backends for each of those also
have different settings.  I also want the framework to be extensible so
that plugins can inject their own account settings.

So we can't simply define a single schema for accounts, or even really a
single schema for each type of account.

For my purposes key files work better because the settings can be
partitioned into independent groups, different accounts can have
different sets of groups, and new groups can be added on the fly.

Again, not knocking GSettings.  It just took me awhile to think far
enough outside the box to realize GSettings wasn't working out for these
particular requirements.  I was trying to maybe save Javier some time in
case he's in a similar boat.

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