GSettings and profiles implementation

Hi list!

First of all, I have to say that don't know if this is the correct maillist for doing such question, but there's not a glib's official list. :s

I'll try to contextualize you.
I'm working in orca's gnome3 migration and actually has his own profiles implementation for many reasons.
We are making such analysis and we have some doubts around gsettings and its capabilities.

With gconf,  we can create, in an arbitrary way, store configuration key/values without a pre-defined schema. In gsettings, we assume that application knows his own schema and will only work with such schema definition.
At this moment, we want to port profiles implementation to gsettings but we don't really know how to implement it because of gsettings' philosophy that app knows the related schema.

In a try for seeing how gnome applications have been fronted this profile implementation, I saw gnome-terminal's gsettings migration goal bug and they haven't migrated yet because of gsettingslist isn't implemented. So, probably, I can imagine a profile implementation using lists and/or dictionaries, but, at this moment, these features aren't implemented yet.

So, my question is, I'm aware that applications have to know its' own schemas, but, does gsettings design takes in count that an application probably want to create settings arbitrarily, like a profile?

Thanks in advance!

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