Re: Looking for a volunteer: gnome-system-monitor porting

>From Matthias Clasen on Monday, 24 January, 2011:
>we are shipping a single gtkmm application in the meta-gnome-core
>moduleset: gnome-system-monitor. It is nice to showcase our C++
>bindings in this way, and a system-monitor is certainly a utility that
>one would expect as part of the desktop. Unfortunately, it is still
>using the 2.x bindings, and there has been no action at all to port it
>to the bindings that we are actually going to include in GNOME 3.
>So, the release team is looking for a volunteer to take on porting
>gnome-system-monitor to gtk3. This should not be all that much work,
>and there are some patches in bugzilla already.
>Please coordinate with the maintainers before diving in (I've cc'ed them here).
>Thanks for any help,

I'm perhaps interested in this.  It would be good for me on a number of
  fronts, and it's tech I'm interested in (and in improving).

I'm trelane on irc.


Joseph Pingenot====================================joseph pingenot org

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