Re: Planned GNOME Shell UI changes (was Re: String and UI Change Announcement)

On Mon, 2011-01-10 at 19:03 +0100, Josselin Mouette wrote:
> Le lundi 10 janvier 2011 à 12:33 -0500, Owen Taylor a écrit : 
> > * UI will be added for displaying information about fallback mode
> >    and forcing fallback mode when the system seems capable of doing
> >    a full composited desktop.
> > 
> >    (This is my biggest area of concern going into GNOME 3.0 - not
> >    having the final design or much code for this.)
> Is it really necessary? wouldn’t it be simpler to let the user choose in
> GDM, provided the packages necessary for fallback mode are installed?

I'd say yes - if the login will not work out-of-box [new] user will say
that "Linux" is not working and switch back to Windows.

Unfortunately from user perspective Windows works out of box (read
someone have installed it and configured but user haven't seen it) and
Linux requires configuration and is hard.

Even more advanced user wouldn't want to track what is wrong with setup
that broke after update.


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