Re: GNOME community survey

On Friday 07 January 2011 23:53:30 you wrote:
> Christopher Roy Bratusek schreef op vr 07-01-2011 om 23:00 [+0100]:
> > > By "others" he probably mean components not in "desktop"/"platform"
> > > etc. sets (marked as "Others" in bugzilla, git etc.) and therefore not
> > > part of GNOME (like banshee, vala, libgee etc.)
> > 
> > Exactly.
> Yet there is broad consensus those people should be considered part of
> the Gnome community. For a community wide research project, I think it
> would be very unrepresentative to only take people contributing to
> "Gnome, the code desktop stack but nothing else even if it is really
> really really closely related" into account.
>     — Wouter

Of course you are right here, I just wondered what GNOME meant. The 
distribution or the community (as the questions sounded lots like they are 
regarding the distribution), as it may change the answer one gives for some 
questions. I never wanted to say they aren't part of the community.


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