Re: Proposal: Moving d-d-l to moderated until after GNOME 3 release


Owen Taylor wrote:
>> I'd like to propose that we move the list to strict moderation for the
>> next couple of months - anything not to do with development (code, docs,
>> i18n, continuous integration) related to GNOME 3 should be filtered out.
>> Priority should be given to maintainers & developers and people doing
>> release management.
> Not necessary in my opinion - if people have productive discussions and
> just let any unproductive discussions die off on their own then the
> situation will be OK.

OK - if Owen & Miguel don't think so, then consider the request dropped.

To understand where the request was coming from, I think the
announcement that Orca was being dropped from the GNOME 3 core
moduleset, without (apparently) the prior knowledge of the Orca
maintainers, or any list of things which are needed for Orca to become
"GNOME 3 ready" is evidence that communication between the release team,
the shell team and module maintainers has failed at some point. My
proposal was intended to help alleviate that.

So let's try to keep to the d-d-l description for the next few months:

>From :
> This is a development mailing list and, therefore, discussions
> relating to the development of the Desktop and Developer Platform are
> the only discussions on topic.
> Please consider whether your post may be appropriate to one of the many
> other GNOME mailing lists before posting here.
> In particular, note the following mailing lists:
>     * gnome-annouce-list - all software announcements
>     * gnome-list - discussions/questions about how to use GNOME
>     * foundation-list - discussions relating to the GNOME foundation
>     * nautilus-list - Nautilus development

To that list I would add Bugzilla and


Dave Neary
GNOME Foundation member
dneary gnome org

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