Proposal: Moving d-d-l to moderated until after GNOME 3 release


GNOME maintainers & developers need a place to co-ordinate efforts
running up to GNOME 3.0, co-ordinate which bugs are blockers, which
features & modules need work and who's working on them, etc.

This (the desktop *devel* list) is the best place for that to happen,
but the list is far too noisy for that to be feasible.

I'd like to propose that we move the list to strict moderation for the
next couple of months - anything not to do with development (code, docs,
i18n, continuous integration) related to GNOME 3 should be filtered out.
Priority should be given to maintainers & developers and people doing
release management.

There are places to complain about design decisions that have already
been made (, bugzilla, other mailing lists), but
maintainers need a place to collaborate which is not drowned in noise,
and this should be it.

I don't expect the proposal to be popular, but I believe it to be
necessary for a successful release.

Olav, as list maintainer, what do you think? Do you need moderator
volunteers to share the load, or is the current moderator team sufficient?


Dave Neary
GNOME Foundation member
dneary gnome org

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