Re: My thoughts on fallback mode

On Tuesday 04 January 2011 10:36:30 you wrote:
> Hi Christopher!
> > Besides... did modularity ever enslave a GNOME developer? Never. I
> > expected more than a statement like that.
> This modularity prevents to create a solid user experience in various
> ways because everything needs to be compatible with random components
> that cannot even be tested properly.


> And to be honest, 99% of the user-base has used gnome-panel +
> metacity/compiz through the whole GNOME 2.x life-cycle so it is save to
> assume that customization is not a big feature.

Well, 99%? Strange, the outermost people I know used something different (AWN, 
Compiz, Sawfish, OpenBox (yes, you read right), CairoDock, PCManFM, Thunar, 
GNOME-Global-Menu, GnoMenu, Screenlets and much more) and since that won't 
work anymore with GNOME3 as in GNOME2, they changed/will change their DE.

But I guess it's like with those statistics one saying Linux is at 5% other 
statistic saying it's at 0,7%...

> Have a look at the installations used by mainstream users (at hostels, 
internet cafés,   universities, non cs-students) and you will hardly find 
anybody not using metacity (ok, or compiz, hardly any effects on) + gnome-

Hostels? Internet Cafés? Universities? Now it makes sense, the ordinary home-
user wasn't taken into account. All those installations are highly restricted 
to their special use-case.

> As mutter provides all the compositing already, the choice for compiz is  

No it's not. Other WMs provide extra functionality besides bling-bling. Compiz 
does tabbed-windowing, will Mutter do? Sawfish provides EdgeActions and 
Viewports, will Mutter do? Other WMs provide Tiling, will Mutter do?

If you really want to tell me "no one needs those features" then it's better 
to don't answer at all.

> Having said this, GNOME 3 is still quite modular, you could even write a
> gnome-panel as mutter plugin and you can run GNOME 3 components with
> Unity or whatever. It won't be called vanilla GNOME though.

Well, you still won't be able to choose another Window-Manager, if you want to 
use GNOME-Shell.

> Regards,
> Johannes

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