Re: My thoughts on fallback mode

Hi Owen

Thanks a lot for expressing reasonable and really sane point of view!

>  * There will also be some people that want to use gnome-panel because
>   they aren't ready to change. While we want to encourage people who
>   have capable hardware to update and use the new experience, there
>   are multiple advantages to accommodating such users in fallback
>   mode as well rather than telling them to use GNOME 2.
That sounds unbelievably correct!

>    - We don't have to worry about parallel install issues for GNOME
>      libraries.
>    - It reduces pressure on us to provide support for old versions
>      of GNOME.
Hear, hear!

>  * If (*if*) it doesn't suck up a lot of developer time, I don't see any
>   harm in continuing to provide gnome-applets. Yes, I suppose it could
>   be considered weird if there's a way of adding a pair of eyes to
>   the panel in fallback mode but not in the full GNOME 3 experience,
>   but honestly, if something thinks that their day is not complete
>   without a pair of eyes in their panel, I'd rather let them use
>   fallback mode than argue with them that they are wrong.
I know exactly who you're talking about:)

Thanks again, I really hope the release team would consider your
opinion seriously.


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