Re: My thoughts on fallback mode


Thanks for your perspective. What you say makes sense, and matches up
well with what I think.

Owen Taylor wrote:
>  * If (*if*) it doesn't suck up a lot of developer time, I don't see any
>    harm in continuing to provide gnome-applets. Yes, I suppose it could
>    be considered weird if there's a way of adding a pair of eyes to
>    the panel in fallback mode but not in the full GNOME 3 experience,
>    but honestly, if something thinks that their day is not complete
>    without a pair of eyes in their panel, I'd rather let them use
>    fallback mode than argue with them that they are wrong.

My suggestion is that Jon, yourself & anyone else actively working
towards GNOME 3 state clearly that you're not going to spend any time on
panel applets, but if there are people who bring it up to standard
before some deadline, that there are no objections to shipping them.
Best of both worlds - if the work doesn't get done, I guess they weren't
important enough. If the work gets done, then obviously they were.


Dave Neary
GNOME Foundation member
dneary gnome org

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