Re: libpanel-applet-3 and gtk 2

2011/2/9 Matthias Clasen <matthias clasen gmail com>:
>> Will there be a gtk2 version of libpanel-applet-3 when GNOME 3.0 is
>> released?
>> I have successfully ported Gnote to libpanel-applet-3 on GNOME 2.32 and
>> I wonder, if it will be possible to use it as applet in GNOME 3.0 in
>> gnome-panel (fallback mode). I have plans to port Gnote to Gtkmm 3.0 and
>> have already started this, but there are only 24 hours in a day
>> (someone, write a patch to remove this limitation!), so I'm not sure
>> I'll finish this in time.
>> The same question is for Bonobo applets. Will they still be supported?
> I think you could make better use of those limited 24 hour days than
> working on the applet part of gnote. As I said on fedora-desktop-list
> a while ago:
> I think we probably don't need the applet anymore, even in fallback
> mode.
> The basic recommendations are
> - don't use a statusicon
> - make it a real application
> - don't start it by default
> - integrate the hotkeys properly with the control-center key bindings
> - arrange for gnote to be activated when the keybindings are used

Which make the application undiscoverable by new users (I don't expect
them to know about keybinding)
and not easily activable with mouse only.

Frederic Crozat

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