Re: two choices dangerous for Gnome 3


Am Mittwoch, den 09.02.2011, 22:31 +0100 schrieb Gendre Sebastien:
> ok, but why? Why change these 2 choice is reserved to power-user?
> I don't understand the logic behind lack.

Because all sane use-cases can be handled better way (for example
applications prevent suspend, etc.). I think that has been explained
quite a bit in the previous thread and in the comments on the initial
blog post.

BTW, I doubt that a discussion on desktop-devel-list will change
anything. This is a list to coordinate GNOME development, not about
design/usability/feature decisions because those are mostly done by
individual maintainers/teams. File a bug (I guess there is one...) -
discuss it there...


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