Re: Anyone using UNCONFIRMED in Bugzilla?

2011. gada 27. decembris 16:36 Olav Vitters <olav vitters nl> rakstīja:
> Hello,
> Does anyone make use of the UNCONFIRMED vs NEW distinction in Bugzilla?
> I think it does more harm than good. We have UNCONFIRMED, NEW, ASSIGNED.
> I think at the moment we only use UNCONFIRMED and RESOLVED, totally
> ignoring NEW mostly.
> If nobody speaks up, I'm going to kill UNCONFIRMED and use NEW instead.

Isn't UNCONFIRMED status meant for, you know, indication that
developer haven't reproduced and verified this bug yet? For me NEW
indicates that bug is found valid (from technical point of view) and
needs fixing.

So please don't kill it. It's useful.


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