Re: Boxes and 3.4

Jason D. Clinton wrote:

> When did this happen? I admit I've been a bit disconnected for a few months
> but even if the Featured Apps didn't get updated, it was never intended to
> be an exhaustive list. In fact, I explicitly stated in
> the announcement (with blessing from the Release Team) that there was no
> mechanism by which to apply for "featured" status and it was to be
> construed as nothing more than what it was: purely a marketing designation.
> There were only 8 Featured Apps the 3.0 and 3.2 release (these eight
> *and* we still had an apps moduleset
> for both releases.

But what's the meaning of the apps moduleset? It is not about featured apps,
as you wrote earlier:

    This list is not jhbuild-maintained because it is a function of
    marketing, not development. The list of featured applications is
    maintained on our web properties and has nothing to do with any
    official module status.


And applications got out of release team scope in the announcement
you refer to:

    Release Team continue to administer the formal new module proposal
    process for Core (that is, everything which would be considered part
    of "GNOME OS" and is currently in the Core moduleset)


But despite that announcement, most of the application module
maintainers continued to follow the release schedule, and were part of
releases we handled. (as evidenced by

Again, the question, what's the meaning of the apps moduleset? It's
been the place for "a serie of applications" handled by the release
team, remnants of the old modulesets, but doesn't it lack some more
formal definition?

If it's applications released by the GNOME project, shouldn't we get
back some release criteria?

If it's just to facilitate jhbuilding, what's the difference between
the -apps and the -world modulesets?

> So what has changed? I think that there's some confusion here and I'd like
> to clear it up. As far as I know, everything is just fine: Featured Apps is
> a marketing function and apps moduleset can include anything to facilitate
> jhbuilding.

Well, there was the moduleset reorg announcement, but after that we
also had 8 months of practice, and they don't quite fit, because in
some sense, what has changed? nothing, applications still wanted to be
under the GNOME shelter, and the release team kept offering that.

We put up a "feature proposal period" in place, and applications kept
being proposed, and that discrepancy is part of this thread, Vincent
wrote: "I said that I didn't feel Boxes should be tracked as a feature".


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