Re: GNOME user survey 2011 (v4)

Hi Felipe,

Thanks for trying to get feedback from users. This is something that is really hard to do. It might also be worth contacting a company that does this professionally to see if they can help us.

I do not think you will be able to do very much with the answers to the questions you ask below. It's going to be a lot of work for data that is not useful. Let me try to explain.

On Wed, Aug 17, 2011 at 9:23 AM, Felipe Contreras <felipe contreras gmail com> wrote:

Here's the fourth version of the survey, only tiny minor changes, it
seems it's stabilized as there isn't many more comments.

Shall we start planning the deployment? Who can get it into the site?
Can I have access?

Where are we deploying it? How are we going to get people to take it?

How about an application that pops notifications similar to this one?
Would such a thing be accepted?

Within GNOME? Would the distros agree to ship it?

=== 01. Which of the following images best resemble your desktop? ===
(image selection)

 - GNOME 2
 - GNOME 3
 - Unity
 - KDE

I think if we want to get average users, most of them are not going to know what GNOME is.

I love GNOME and I've been using GNOME for years and working with GNOME, and I still don't really know what all is GNOME on my desktop.

I think the questions will have to be much more specific.

=== 02. Overall, how happy are you with GNOME? ===
(single choice)

 * unhappy
 * not so happy
 * happy
 * very happy
 * completely ecstatic

If people tell you they are happy or unhappy with GNOME, what are you going to do with that? If they are unhappy what are you going to fix?  If they are happy, what did they like? The color, the menus, the windows, the apps, ...???

=== 03. Where do you run GNOME? ===
(multiple choice, with other)

=== 04. Which GNOME version(s) are you using? ===
(multiple choice, with other)

=== 05. How long have you been using GNOME? (years) ===

The previous 3 questions are only useful if it will somehow help you understand the other answers better.

=== 06. How do you compare your current GNOME version with the version
from one year ago? ===
(single choice)

 * better
 * no changes
 * worse

 * cannot say

They aren't going to know what's GNOME versus what's the distro. And maybe they like the help better and the menus less. Or maybe it's missing their favorite feature. This is way too vague ...

=== 07. Does GNOME do what you want? ===
(single choice)

 * Everything
 * Mostly
 * Somewhat
 * Barely
 * Not at all

If they say "not at all", what are we missing?

=== 08. How happy are you with GNOME in regards to ==

 Columns: unhappy / not so happy / happy / very happy / completely ecstatic
 + ease of use
 + documentation
 + language availability
 + accessibility
 + community

This gets closer but it still way too high level.

=== 09. Which other desktop environments have you used in recent years? ==
(multiple choice, with other)

 + KDE
 + Unity
 + Enlightenment

 + other (please specify)

Are you planning on polling just the open source community? Nobody else is going to have any idea what these are. They would be more likely to know Windows and Mac. But I'm not sure that this question is useful for us to act on.

=== 10. How many years of experience do you have using computers? ===

Does it matter?

=== 11. How often do you use terminal/console? ==
(single choice)

 * What is that?
 * When I have no other option
 * I can't live without them
 * Is there anything else?

All the questions after this assume a knowledge of GNOME and how our community works. That's fine if you are polling developers. If you are polling average users, then I think it's not worth asking.


=== 12. Have you contributed to the GNOME project? ===
(single choice)

 * Yes
 * No

=== 13. Have you contacted the GNOME team? ===
(single choice)

 * Yes, successfully
 * Yes, unsuccessfully
 * No, I don't know how
 * No, never had the need

=== 14. If you could change three things in GNOME, what would they be? ===
(free form)

=== 15. Do you have any comments or suggestions for the GNOME team? ===
(free form)

Felipe Contreras
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